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About Chad Kuhfuss

I have been playing dartball since I was a teenager, about 30 years ago, in the Interdenominational Dartball League in Sheboygan County.  I moved to Hartford in 1994 and am still driving to Sheboygan to play in that league.  In 2013 I joined the Country Dartball League, which is a lot closer to where I live.  Then in 2016 I started being a sub for another league.  Dartball is truly something that I love to do.  

I am a software engineer by trade and have had an idea for a Dartball website for many years, but in 2015 I became more serious about the website.  I got in contact with Harry Roecker and Scott Peterson from the State Dartball Committee and pitched my ideas.  They were very interested and in the spring of 2016 they signed me up to be the website administrator.  

I hope that everyone enjoys the new website.  It has been a joy to create it and I hope that everyone sees the value that it will bring to dartball across the state of Wisconsin.  I will continue to make improvements to it on my own, but please feel free to add a Case on the Support page if you hae any troubles with using the website or even if you just have a suggestion on how to improve it.

March 18, 2014 at 3:00am



Stats for Chad Kuhfuss
Team Name Player Name Total Avg Singles Avg Triples Avg
Erin Inn 1 Chad Kuhfuss .494 (133-269) .567 (85-150) .407 (48-118)
Our Shepherd Chad Kuhfuss .000 (0-0) .000 (0-0) .000 (0-0)
Pioneer Bowl Chad Kuhfuss .397 (94-237) .423 (66-156) .333 (26-78)