Wisconsin Dartball
Website Update History
Sep 26, 2020
  • Tournaments - one user can now register multiple teams
  • Statewide Stats - If search returns one player then statistic totals are displayed
  • Statewide Stats - Added option for showing players with a minimum number of at bats
  • Sign In - Removed Captcha
  • Sign In - Simplified password requirements.
  • Sign In - 10 attempts before lockout. Then retry in 5 minutes.
  • Home Page - Added My Upcoming Matches which is based on teams that you have favorited
  • Home Page - Added section to remind you of matches that still need results entered.
  • Home Page - Added Hall of Fame nominees section to highlight who has been nominated to help remind people that they can nominate on-line and also comment on those nominated by others.
  • Home Page - Added section to remind you of any Team Ownership Requests that need review.
  • Home Page - Added section to show list of recent website updates.
  • League/Team Pictures - Complete overhaul to be easier to use and better viewing experience including on mobile.
  • League New Season Page - Overhauled to be easier to create a new season including the ability to upload a schedule.
  • General - Many improvements for mobile use. Easier to read size of text. Many pages redesigned specifically for mobile.
  • Sign In - Easier process when password is forgotten and must be reset.