Wisconsin Dartball

What is Dartball?

Dartball is basically a baseball game played with darts.  The player throwing the darts is the "batter".  Each dart thrown is the same as a pitch in baseball. Where the dart lands on the board determines the outcome of each pitch.

The batter continues to throw darts, or bat, until they are safe or out, just like in baseball. The game can be played with as many as 9 players per side, though fewer can play as well, each representing a team.

Most teams try to hit the single first, which is the one in the middle of the white, on the right side of the board. All white is safe (a hit). All orange is out. Green is foul, grey is a strike.

Like baseball, three strikes and the batter is out. Hitting the foul is like fouling off the pitch, and the at-bat continues. There is a DP (double play) and a SH (sacrifice). Hitting the single puts a "runner" on first. Hitting the triple would score the runner from first.

The batter and all runners advance the same number of bases as the number hit. In the center of the board is a two base single (2BS). This is a single for the batter, but all base runners advance two bases.

The board is placed on a stand, 2' off the floor, and at a slight angle. Each section on an official dart board has a wire surrounding it so there is never a disagreement about where the dart lands on the board.

Leagues and all tournaments in Wisconsin shoot 20' from the board, and all darts are "pitched" underhand.

Official Wisconsin Dartball Rule Book


About the site?

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