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created 02/04/1982 @ 1:30pm by Chad Kuhfuss

Thinking that it was unlikely that anyone had ever hit a grand-slam home run in Dartball, I was quite surprised a few years back when my teammate in the South Milwaukee 4-Man League Jay Stegmann told me that he had hit eight of them! Still rarer are NO-HITTERS in Dartball. In my 55 years of sharing The Dartball News, I've acquired only TWO scoresheets for no-hitters.

The first, a 4-0 victory by Bob & Jo's (Milwaukee) over Fireside Tap II (Milwaukee) in the Thursday night South Side Tavern League on February 4, 1982, was given to me a number of years ago by Hall-of-Famer Jerry Mathwig. At the time, The Milwaukee Journal quoted Jerry as saying, "The odds against a no-hitter in Dartball are astronomical! In 35 years, I have never even heard of one."

A couple of months ago, while reading through material provided by Bob Krey on the history of the United Methodist-Presbyterian League, I came across another no-hitter on September 9, 1986. In that game, won 1-0 by 1st West Allis Methodist (West Allis) from North Presbyterian (Shorewood), the key hit was an 8th-inning triple by our old friend Vince "Tommy" Bartlen.

Copies of the two scoresheets are attached. If anyone is aware of any other Dartball no-hitters, please copy The Dartball News.