Wisconsin Dartball
Hall of Fame

Bruce Friesch

Started playing Dartball in 1963 at the age of 16 in the Lutheran Dartball League in Lebanon, WI. He played a few years until he entered the Air Force. He returned to playing Dartball in 1982 in the Kettle Moraine Dartball League. Over the years he formed and managed several church teams in that league, and was instrumental in getting teams started in many different counties. He also served the league as President, and still plays in that league. Bruce has also played in the Tri-County Dartball League, the Catholic Blue & Gold League, and the Country Dartball League. He was on championship teams and tournament teams, and shot in many state tournaments. He had 16 seasons batting over .500, with his highest average of .526 in 2004 in the Kettle Moraine Dartball League.

Nominated by the Duthie Construction Dartball team.

Jeff Mlaker

Started playing Dartball in 1982 in the Milwaukee Southside Tavern league. He then played in the South Milwaukee classic 4 man league for over 25 years until the league dissolved. Jeff had an average over .500 for all 25 years of Classic league play, with a lifetime average of .520. His highest season was .550 in 2004.

Jeff has been on 6 state class A championship teams: 1997, 1998, 2006, 2007, 2009 with Hickory Inn, and 2017 with Hoenecke Painting. He has also been many league and tournament champion teams, including winning the Milwaukee 2 and 4 player tournaments.

Nominated by Bob Leskovar.

Kevin Raeder

Started playing Dartball in 1967 at the age of 10 years old with his Dad’s team in the Interdenominational League. Kevin quickly became a top shooter, and is a lifetime .500+ shooter, with his highest season of .643 in 1994. He won numerous high average, high RBI, most triples, and most hits titles during his years in the league, including all of those in the same year in 1995. He is also a state shoot-off and round robin champion, as well as playing on 2 Class A state champions: Chissy’s Pub (1993) and Sportsmen’s Bar (2003). Kevin has begun playing in the Sheboygan County Senior League and has dominated statistically there as well. 

Nominated by Tom Binder.


Tim Stegmann

Started playing Dartball at 19 years old in 1982. Averaged over .500 from 1982 to 2004, many times over .600. His highest season was .676 in 1989. Tim accumulated over 300 Dartball trophies during that time, including winning 8 class A State Championships: 1989 (Andre's); 1991, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 with Suave's. Batted 3rd on all of his state champion teams. Once had 31 RBI's in one set at state, including 18 in one game. Won high average in Door/Kewaunee and Green Bay Dartball League 15 times. Also was a 2 time state 4 man (Class A) champion. He won many state shoot offs and high qualifier trophies, and was a 2 time state champion in the shoot off. Tim was considered one of the best triple shooters until disease took away some of his ability to play.

Nominated by sons Justin and Brad Stegmann.

Tom Geiser

(Deceased).  Started playing Dartball in the early 1970’s at a young age in the Interdenominational League in Eastern Wisconsin. In the 35 years or so that he played, Tom shot over .400 every year, and over .500 8 times, with his highest season of .574 in 1981. He led the league in triples 3 times, and led the league in RBI’s 11 times, and finished in the top five in each category many more times. Tom served the league as President and league treasurer for years also. His untimely passing in 2006 left a void in the league. 

Nominated by Hoyt Heinemann and Wade Kleinhans.