Wisconsin Dartball
Hall of Fame

David "Davy" Schettle

Lives in Oshkosh.

Davy started playing Dartball in the mid 1980’s and played regularly multiple nights a week until around 2007. In this timeframe he batted above .500 over 25 times. He has batted above .580 a total of 6 times with his high average being .599 along with a .598 and a .597 as well. He has won 3 high league batting titles and also dozens of league team championships. He still plays in multiple Oshkosh leagues but not as a full time player because of work commitments.

Team accomplishments include 3 Class A state championships in 1990 (Oshkosh Castaway) and recently 2019 & 2021 with Yahr Oil. He has also won 6 Oshkosh Eagles championships (1987, 1991, 1994, 1996, 2001, 2006) with Oshkosh teams.

Davy was league secretary for the Oshkosh 4-man league for multiple years.

Nominated by Butch Kiesow and Scott Footit.

Henry Eisch

(Deceased) Lived in Green Bay.

Henry "Hank" Eisch played Dartball in the Green Bay leagues from the late 40's to early 80's. He retired from playing shortly before he passed away in 1989.  Over those years he won batting titles and was part of several team championships. He won the high average titles in 1949-1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, and 1960 seasons. Not all the records are complete for every year, so there may be more. He was also listed in the top 5 leaders and average for many years in Green Bay, including in the top 10 averages in 1987 with a .498 average, showing that he had a very good average for almost 40 years. It was noted that he won several .800 honor count patches, the last one listed is 1983, and he had 2 in one year in the 1981-82 season. His highest season average was .561, which he recorded twice.

Nominated by Gary Berg.

Mark Reetz

(Deceased) Lived in the Wausau area.

Mark started playing Dartball at 16 years old in 1948 in the Wausau Inter-Church league. He played Dartball for over 44 years, with 40 seasons in the Inter-Church league. He also played at Ken's Hilltop Bar, and he was a member of the Riiser Oil state traveling team for 18 years. Mark had over 17,318 total at bats during his career, and his lifetime average for all games played was .511. He had at least 6 seasons over .550, with his high of .581 in 1963-64. He also won several batting titles and many league championships. From the late '70's to the early '90's he was the League historian. He spent a great amount of time compiling the league history for the first 60 years of the Wausau Inter-Church league. He also spent numerous years as a team captain and league officer.

Nominated by his son and teammate Clark Reetz, Bill Morris, and Darrell Kottke.


Vern Kappes

Lives in West Allis

He started playing at the age of 14 in the Waukesha Lutheran Church league and played for 20+ years in the league.  He also played in the Milwaukee Catholic Blue and Gold league for 20+ years, the West Allis Classic league for 20+ years, the South Milwaukee 4 man for 10+ years, the Milwaukee Rec League @ Enderis Park for 5 years and the Country Dartball League since 2015.  Overall he has played for 70 years.

He has been a regular .500 shooter for over 20 years with many over .550.  In 2020 he batted .469 at the age of 87. His most notable championship was in 2014 in Class B State 9 Man Champion for the Studz team, he drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 9th in game 3 of championship match. He has also won over 20 league championships – most recent 2016 & 2022 Country Dartball League, and over 25 League Batting Titles. He has also participated annually in the state tournaments and many other 2-man, 4-man and 9-man tournaments. 

Nominated by Chad Kuhfuss.