Wisconsin Dartball
Eau Claire Commercial League
Advanced League Statistics
Statistic Player Team Value
Total Wins Dean & Sues 50
Total Win Pct Dean & Sues .725
Total Runs/Game Dean & Sues 15.2
Home Win Pct Dean & Sues .750
Home Runs/Game Dean & Sues 14.7
Away Win Pct Wallys Boys .758
Away Runs/Game Dean & Sues 15.7
Most Runs in Match Olson’s 73
Most Runs in Game Auto Value 31
AB Hit Streak Jim Brott JBSI 13*
AB Hitless Streak Yu Kong CBA 62*
Game Hit Streak Mark Peterson Dean & Sues 69*
Bryant Knutson Wallys Boys 69*
Game Hitless Streak Yu Kong CBA 6*
Hits in Night Travis Logslett Olson’s 31*
RBIs in Game Rick Gotliebson Jerrys 13*
RBIs in Night Chad Anderson Auto Value 24*

* - This Stat is calculated from statistics uploaded to the website from the Dartball Statistician app therfore only teams using the Dartball Statistician app are included in the results.

The Dartball Statistician can be downloaded to an Android device from the Google Play Store or an Amazon device from the Amazon Store.

In order to see these advanced statistics you will need to download the app to an Android device and enter game results at bat by at bat.
The app will then upload the results to the web site and update the Standings page, the Stat Leaders page, the Statistics page and the Statistics Advanced page.

In order for these advanced stats to be visible you will need to pay Chad Kuhfuss $25 per year. You may pay via PayPal or contact Chad Kuhfuss for other options.