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Mike Hofmann

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0.424 in 2023
Wausau Inter Church Dartball League

Mike Hofmann started playing dartball at age 16 with St. Johns Lutheran Church (Now St. Paul Lutheran Church) in Milwaukee, WI with his dad, Paul Hofmann in 1970 until he joined the US Air Force in 1973. His batting average was .420 during those  years. He started playing in the Wausau Interchurch Dartball league in 1984, and has maintained a .395 average from then to now, 2024. His best year in Wausau was 2023 is 0.424. He first played for the Zion Lutheran Athletics in 1984 to 2004. The Athletics were the best team in Wausau for many years. The A's disbanded in 2004 and hold many records of the league which still stand. Mike was captain in 2003 and 2004.  He then joined the Peace UCC Panthers, Schofield, WI which is the oldest current team in the league, in 2005. He has been captain of the Panthers since 2015 and has been the lead hitter of the team every year. He also has played on 2 state tournament tems and this year will be his 3rd.

     Mike Has held many ofices in the Wausau league, He has been vice President, 4 times, president of the league 2000-2001 and every year since 2015-2016 season with a unanimous vote every year.He also took over the recording secretary job in 2007 and still serves in that capacity. While doing this he maintains the league website (since 1995) and manages the league facebook page since 2002. He recived the prestigious Aaron Brummond Award in 2022 which is awarded to one who exemplifies fellowship and leadership to the league and the sport in general.

     During the recent pandemic, Mike showed a unique talent in keeping the league together, even during the hiatus in, 2020-2021. He maintained the consistent number of teams , 13 before and after the pandemic. He is credited by the members of the league with saving the league. Wausau Interchurch Dartball league now has 14 members because with a lot of hard work by Mike, the 14th team started playing this season. The league has been in business since its founding in 1929. 

     Mike and his wife , Lynda have been married 47 years. He is a doting grandfather and has convinced his son and 2 granddaughters to play dartball too. His professional life includes working in radio/tyv in northcentral Wisconsin for 15 years; Operating and owning a computer store for 22 years. He wotked in the IT field for 8 years. He is retired now but owns a soft plastic fishing bait manufacturing business, called  "Sectret Baits". He has also been the president of the Wisconsin Bass Federation, from 2005 to 2011.




Mark Huber 02/01/2024 @ 3:42pm

Our church wanted to start a dartball team this year but the season was about to start and we didn't know where to begin.  I called Mike Hoffmann and he contacted the league and helped us acquire a board, darts, dart box and all the materials needed to get started  Mike even met me to help load the board in my truck and even gave me some practice darts for our new team.  Mike arranged the schedule so we were the visiting team the first two weeks of the season so we could see how the league play functioned and operated.  I can say that without Mike's assistance, guidance and encouragement we likely would not have been able to form a team this year and are very grateful for all of Mike's contributions and support.


Mark Huber

Marty B 02/06/2024 @ 7:15pm

I would like to wholeheartedly recomend Mike Hofmann for introduction into the Wisconsin Dartball hall of Fame. Yes, Mike has played for many decades and maintains a consistantly high average within our Wausau-based Interfaith Church league but it's what he does outside his gameplay that make him so highly regarded. In short, Mike holds our league together by serving as President. He oversees individual and team awards, collects team stats each week, and communicates with every captain immediatelly when news pops up. He created and updates our league website with the team standings one day after each game that lists weekly high averages, home runs, and even historical records. Mike is constantly trying to grow our league by speaking to and posting articles in local churches about the fun and comradrie we all share. Every organization needs a dedicated individual to lead it and in our case, it's MIke Hofmann. Please consider him for this honor.   

Jim Fuls 02/08/2024 @ 4:04am

Mike has been a tireless leader for our league. He helped our church start a team 20 plus years ago by assisting us in locating a board and obtaining darts rules etc.. When our team took a hiatus for a few years due to low numbers, Mike made sure to keep in contact. When we were able to put a team back together, he was right there to get us going again. He was then and remains to this day the guy to talk to about Dartball in the Wausau area. He is the glue that holds Wausau Dartball together!

Rick Koenig 02/13/2024 @ 6:42pm

I started playing dartball in grade school for our church. Then I was later out of dartball for around 25 years. When I wanted to play again, it was still being played in Wausau. I credit this fact to the hard work of Mike Hoffman. He is very dedicated and energetic. He is always willing to listen to any new ideas. This open line of communication has held our league together. 


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