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Lowell Topper




0.421 in 2022
Eau Claire

Lives in Mondovi

Lowell is 56 years old and a third generation dartball player, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Ernest and father, Wally.  He started playing dartball with his father at age 12 at Drammen Church.  Lowell has also played for Prince of Peace and Rock Creek Lutheran Churches along with Eleva League.  Lowell has played on 4-man and 9-man league teams, currently playing Eau Claire Commercial League at the American Legion.  He is currently team captain and sponsor of Wally's Boys in memory of his father.  Lowell was part of the League winning McDonough team in 1990 as well as sponsor/captain of TNT Roofing & Siding at the Wisconsin State Tournament in 2004.  Lowell has also been sponsor/captain of several area winning teams including but not limited to Athens, Whittenburg and Hurley x3. 

In 2019, Lowell organized co-ed tournament to encourage newcomers of all ages along with women to play the game.  This tournament has been held every year since.  Lowell sponsors Wally's Boys and Wally's Girls in memory of his father and Betty's Brats in memory of his mother along with T2 Lawncare LLC for the Wisconsin State Dartball Tournaments of which all teams have placed, some multiple times the last few years.  Lowell was a big advocate to bringing a women's division to the 2023 Wisconsin 4-man State Tournament of which he sponsored 2 womens teams and 2 mens teams. 

Lowell was elected to the Wisconsin State Committeee in 2022.  In 2023, Lowell helped to organize the 4-man Wisconsin State Tournament held in Eau Claire and is helping to organize the 2024 Wisconsin 9-man State Tournament to be held in Chippewa.  

His love of the game has been passed down to his wife, 2 children along with his 4 young grandchildren, who all love to play dartball in tournaments as well as in the shed.  

Lowell is currently owner/operator of T2 Lawncare LLC for the past 17 years.

Nominated by wife, Terri, children Dallas, Andrea, Alyssa, Ryan and grandchildren Aiden, Rylynn, Owen and Reese 

Terri 02/04/2024 @ 1:08pm

1989 Eau Claire Commerical B League Division  (McDonough Mfd)

1997 Wisconsin State 9-man Class B 2nd place (sponsor/captain TNT Roofting and Siding LLC)

2002 Eau Claire Commerical B Division Champion (captain Mogie's Pub)

2003 Eau Claire  Commercial B Division Champion (sponsor/captain TNT Roofing and Siding LLC)

2004 Wisconsin State 9-man B Division Champion (sponsor/captain TNT Roofting and Siding LLC)

2010 Wisconsin State 9-man Class B  2nd place (Mike's Shop)

2018 Wisconsin State 4-man Class C Champion (sponsor/captain T2 Lawncare LLC)

2021 Wisconsin State 4-man Class B Champion (Sponsored Wally's Boys)

2021 Wisconsin State 9-man Womens Division 2nd Consolation (Sponsored Wally's Girls)

2021 Wisconsin State 9-man Class A 3rd place (Sponsor/captain T2 Lawncare LLC)

2022 Wisconsin State 9-man Class A 3rd place (Sponsor/captain T2 Lawncare LLC)

2022 Wisconsin State 9-man Class C 2nd place (Sponsored Wally's Boys)

2023 Wisconsin State 9-man Class C 2nd place (Sponsored Wally's Boys)

2023 Wisconsin State 9-man Class C 4th place (Sponsored Betty's Brats)

2023 Wisconsin State 9-man Women's 4th place consolation (Sponsored Wally's Girls)

2023 Wisconsin State 4-man Women's Division 4th place (Sponsored Wally's Girls)

Teams Played on

McDonough Mfg



TNT Roofing and Siding LLC (Sponsor/Captain)

Mike's Shop

Mogie's Pub (Captain)

Wally's Boys T2 Lawncare LLC (Sponsor/captain)

Rock Creek Lutheran Church

Prince of Peace Church 

Drammen Lutheran Church

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