Wisconsin Dartball
Hall of Fame

Jim Mayo

Dennis Vold



0.580 in 1983
Agusta Church League

1966 - 1986 (21 years) Augusta Church League

1987 - present (36 years) Chippewa Valley Church Dartball League

2010 - present (14 years) Eau Claire Commercial League

2003 -2008 Eleva Dartball League

overall 57 years of playing.

Started playing at age 14 in August Church League Compiling a .490 average over 57 years, batting over .500 25 times.

Highest season average of .580 in 1983 Augusta Church League.

Playing on 6 time Chippewa Valley Dartball Championship teams. 2 time Northwest Wi Church League Tournament Champion, also played on 2012 State Class C Champion.

Has won numerous High Average and most RBI'S awards throughout career.

Chippewa Valley Church Dartball League President/Treasurer 10 years.

Eau Claire Commercial League Treasurer 8 years.

Team Manager for 40 years.

Compiled history of Chippewa Valley Church Dartball Covering all years of 1940 to present.

Organized the Nortwest Wi Chuch League Touranment 2016 to present.

Helped implement the "Diamond of Honor" which honors all players throwing Dartball over 50 years in the Chippewa Valley Church Dartball League.

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