Wisconsin Dartball
Hall of Fame

Kevin Raeder




0.643 in 1994

A fierce competitor Kevin Raeder is a lifetime .500+  hitter with a high average of .643 accomplished in 1993-94.  He has been a two-time Class A State Champion, in 1993 with Chissy’s Pub and 2003 on the Sportsmen’s Bar team.  Kevin won the State Shootoff in Kenosha in 1984.  At State in Kewaskum, he captured The Classic Round Robin Shootoff Title using only six darts!  Kevin began his dartball career as a fourth grader (1967-68) on his dad, Melvin’s Salem Plankroad #2 Team.   He has won numerous Batting Average, RBI, Most Triples, and Most Total Hits titles during his years in the Interdenominational League.  In 1994-95 he distinguished himself as a HOF caliber player when he won the High Batting Average,  RBI, Hits and Triples awards, a “Quadruple Crown” season in the league.  Kevin also has had 84 walks (10 in 97/98) in league play.  He has begun playing in the Sheboygan County Senior League and has dominated statistically there as well.  A special way to describe Kevin is in his own words, “My Dad taught me about sportsmanship. Like all of us, some days I do better than others with this but I always keep in mind that without an opponent there is no competition.”

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