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Michael Hofmann

Bill Morris



0.475 in 1971

Michael  (Mike) Hofmann of thre Wausau Interchurch Dartball League is one of those rare individuals whom shows great leadership along wiuth a sensae of humor during these pandemic times.

Mike started playing dartball with his father, Paul Hofmann in 1969 at the age of 16 at the St Johns Lutheran Church onGlendale, WI. (Now Loving Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church). He played there until 1973 when he joined the Air Force and served  his country honorably. His highest batting average was during that period which was 0.475 in 1971.. The team was St.John's Clinton of the Northside Lutheran Men's Dartball League .He started playing for Zion Lutheran Church Athletics in Wausau, WI in 1984. He played for them until 2004-2005 season, when the team folded. During the years with the Athletics, the team won an unprecedented number of league championships., setting many team and individual records, many of which still stand. He was captain of the Athletics in 2003 and 2004. His best average during that time was .450, while he was captain. He then joined the Peace UCC Panthers of Schofield, WI in 2005 and still plays with them. His overall average from 1969 to now, 2021, has been .395. He is captain of the Peace Panthers since 2012.

He has served many rolls while being a member of the Wausau Interchurch Dartball League at the same time. He has served as league Vice president  4 different times. He was league president in 2000-2001 and every year since the 2015-16 season. He is also recording secretary of the league and has been since 2007.

While doing all of this he maintains the league's website, www.wausaudartball.com. and has since 1995.He also manages the league's facebook  page since 2002  and did start up and manage the state web page for 3 years. 

He is a recipient of the coveted  "Aaron Brummond Dartball Fellowship Award" which means a lot to Mike as it stands for good fellowship and meaningful impact to the game and the league. It was a unanimous vote for him.

He has shown a unique talent for leadership especially during the pandemic. With him it was never a question we would start up again. after being shut down for over a year. It was when. He made the decision to shut down the league in. March, 2020 becasue of his concern for the health of the members of the league.During the past year he has maintained constant contact with the league officers and team captains. After a lot of work on his part, the league has restarted this fall. This league is a very old league with its founding in 1935. So, he felt it was very important to keep it going well into the future. 

Mike also runs the manufacturing and promotion of a very popular brand of bass lures known as Secret Weapon Baits. They are sold throughout central Wisconsin. It all goes back to his love of bass fishing and being the state president of the  state Bass League. For many years he  also owned a computer repair business. He is a loving father, grandfather, and has been married for 40 years. His son plays and also 2  granddaughters play. All very well.

After serving Mike as league secretary I am in awe of his ability to lead the league during these tough time. Bill Morris

Bill Morris November 20, 2021 at 5:16am

He served honorably in the US Airforce from  November,1972 to 1974. He has been happily married for 44 years. He Is credited wityh saving the Wausau Interchurch dartball league during the pandemic. The league would nbiot exist today if not for his leadership. drive and love of the game. He is the best example of christian fellowship there is.

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