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Henry "Hank" Eisch

Gary Berg



0.529 in 1953
Green Bay Dartball League

Henry "Hank" Eisch played dartball in various Green Bay leagues from the late 40's to early 80's. He retired from playing shortly before he passed away in 1989.  Over those years he won batting titles and was part of several team championships.   According to the family legend - he was an incredible triples hitter for decades.

My name is Gary Berg and I married Hank's granddaugher in 1982.  In 1981 and 1982 I was able to watch Hank play with his long-time buddies and teammates in the St. Willebrord Church League (Hank and his wife Doloris were a founding family for that parish).  I only lived in Green Bay one year (season) 1982-83 so I do not have a lot of his stats to share with you but maybe you all have them.   Besides playig for St. Willebrord, over the years I know he played for the Swan Club and was on the team that won the Verifine championship in 1958.

He was as humble of a man as I have ever met.  He worked as a painter for Schneider Trucking for decades and to make extra money he parked cars for Packer games and cut grass at the cemetary.  He always had a practice dartball board in his basement so he could stay sharp right up until his death.  He loved to share the game with anyone who was interested.

His legacy lives on today as his great grandson, Nate Berg, and I have spent the past 12 months organizing a new company called Underhanded Events Dartball.  We are inspired by Hank and love the sport and are holding the first two 8 team dartball leagues at a craft brewery in Fridley, MN, (a Twin Cities suburb) where virtually no one has ever heard of the sport.   This has been a time-consuming and rather expensive labor of love creating a grassroots movement to introduce dartball to a whole new generation of players.   Our new leagues are now full and start the last Tuesday and Wednesdays of September, 2021, with plans to grow the sport greatly in the months and years to come. 

To learn more about that and Hank please visit the website at: www.underhandedevents.com  There are pictures of his trophies and of his teams and of the dart boxes he made and hand painted which are still in great shape and cherished by his family.

Hank's wife and one son, Dick. have passed away.  His other son, Del, and his wife and his daughter-in-law Doloris Eisch are still alive and I would love to have them share in this honor along with his many grandkids and great grandkids and great great grandkids.  Many who still live in and around the Green Bay area.

Please let me know if there are any next steps or anything whatsoever I/we can do to help you make this decision to induct Henry Eisch to the Wisconsin Dartball Association Hall of Fame.   

Gary Berg September 21, 2021 at 1:35pm

I found an additional batting title trophy for Hank. It was from 1976-77, the H.N.D.L.  .546 batting average.  This is 23 years after the other one I found so I know he played all years in between and was an outstanding hitter for decades.   Just extra info to support his nomination.  Thank you!

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