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"The Bob Leskovar Trophy"
At the 2014 Wisconsin State Dartball Tournament, Wisconsin State Dartball Committee President Harry Roecker announced the naming of the Bob Leskovar Trophy. From this year forward, this trophy will be awarded to 1st place in the shoot-off, which occurs at the State Tournament. It is in recognition of a career that continues to be loaded with dartball excellence on all levels that this honor is given. The domination of the shoot-off event throughout Bob's career is what has led to the naming of this award. 
His Teammate & Friend Mike Studer

This site is sponsored by the Wisconsin State Dartball Committee (WSDC).
The mission of the WSDC is promote the game of Dartball and Dartball Leagues, and to help the sport grow and thrive. The purpose of a Dartball League is to promote
good fellowship among the players, and to provide some wholesome fun and recreation for participants.

Dartball players can use this site to get league and tournament information.This site will continue to grow and be updated, with your help.
If you are going to be running a tournament, please send us your info and we will publish it on our site. Our e-mail address is: widartballrulz@yahoo.com.

Leagues and all tournaments in
Wisconsin shoot 20' from the board, and all darts are "pitched" underhand.
Dartball darts are about 7" long, with 3 feathers and a steel tip. The feathers originally used were actual turkey feathers, but now are synthetic, and come in many different colors.

The official darts used in Wisconsin are Apex #2:

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