Wisconsin Dartball
Hall of Fame

Ken Huebner

Todd and Wayne Huebner



0.510 in 1986
Northside Lutheran League

Leagues played in (with years): Northside Lutheran Men’s Dartball League, 1966-2003; Milwaukee Federation of Lutheran Laymen, 1979-84; Tri-County League, 1984-92; Washington Park League, 2002-03; Shawano County Friendly Dartball League, 2002-present; Shawano Co. Tuesday Eve. Church League, 2005-15; Waupaca Co. Senior League, 2006-present;

Batting stats (list as many years possible – full seasons only, or range with years example: between 1970 to1995 averaged between .523 to .595):  See additional sheets 

Highest season Average: .510 Year: 85-86 League: Northside Luth. MDBL

Notable championships: NSLMDBL Tournament (8), NSLMDBL 1st place top division 1985-86, MFLL League 1979-80, MFLL Tournament 1980-81, Tri-County League 1987-88, Tri-County Tournament 1988-89, Shawano Co. Tue. Eve. Tournament (3), Shawano Co. Friendly League (2), Waupaca Co. Senior League (6), Waupaca Co. Senior Tournament (2); more details on enclosed sheet.

Other awards: Multiple league high average and tournament high average as listed on enclosed sheet.

Notable dartball related work (ex: league secretary for 35 years in XYZ league, etc) :

President, NSLMDBL 1975-95 (20 yrs); Secretary, NSLMDBL 1971-75 (5 yrs); Captain, Walther Memorial 1970-2002 (32 yrs); Manager, Northsiders #1 1987-91 (4 yrs); Founder/Captain, St. John’s Luth. Tigerton 2005-15 (10 yrs); President, Waupaca Co. Sr. Lg. 2008-pres. (13 yrs.); Captain, Marion 2008-pres. (13 yrs.)

Other?: Organized NSLMDBL tournaments (26 yrs.), MC’d NSLMDBL 50th Ann. Banquet (1985), participated in  Viacom Cable’s TV Dartball (1983); more on enclosed sheet

Nominated by: Todd Huebner (son), Wayne Huebner (son) Phone: (516) 672-1498, (314) 625-7948



Ken has played dartball since being recruited by his father-in-law, Norbert Bublitz, for Walther Memorial Lutheran Church (Milwaukee) in 1966.  He remains active in the game today.  Ken’s dartball career has been marked by excellence, consistency, longevity, and by serving as an ambassador of the game.  Throughout the decades he has been respected by teammates and competitors alike.  

The most significant years of Ken’s career were spent in the 1970s and 1980s with Walther Memorial in the Northside Lutheran Men’s Dartball League (Milwaukee).  This league was founded in 1935, the oldest listed on wisconsindartball.com.  (Zoar/Walther Memorial was a charter member of this league.)  Ken captained this team for 32 years, simultaneously serving as NSLMDBL president for 20 of those years. He was also instrumental in organizing a second team at Walther Memorial, which played from 1982-83 to 1993-94.  

During these years the NSLMDBL consisted of 24 teams and was highly competitive.  While the regular season was significant, the aim of most teams was to win the year-end tournament.  From 1974-75 to 1988-89 Walther Memorial won a remarkable 8 tournament championships, including two “three-peats”.  Ken batted third in the lineup during these years, often shooting for the lower-percentage triple. He was especially known for clutch shooting at crucial times.    

Throughout the 1980s Ken was also an integral part of the powerhouse Capitol Drive Lutheran Church teams captained by the late great Don Bauer.  This team played in the Milwaukee Federation of Lutheran Laymen League and later in the Tri-County League (southeastern Wisconsin).  With both Walther Memorial and Capitol Drive, Ken had the opportunity to play with his father, Howard Huebner; and his sons, Wayne Huebner and Todd Huebner--three generations in each lineup.  

In 2002 Ken retired from his work at Wetzel Brothers Printing Company in Milwaukee, after 43 ½ years.  He and his wife, Barbara, moved to Shawano County.  In his retirement Ken played in three more leagues, including founding a team at his new home church, St. John’s Lutheran, Tigerton.  He remains active in two of those leagues:  the Shawano County Friendly League and the Waupaca County Seniors League.  In the latter he has both captained the Marion team and served as league president since 2008-09.  Under Ken’s leadership Marion has won 6 league championships and 2 year-end tournaments.  

Had COVID-19 not canceled this season’s schedule, 2020-21 would have been Ken’s 55th consecutive year playing dartball.  He shows no sign of slowing down and is hopeful to resume play next year.  Ken is a tireless promoter of the game.  He is always on the lookout for new players, encouraging men and women of all ages and abilities to give dartball a try.

Further information and perspective on Ken’s career is available from his friend and 2012 Wisconsin Dartball Hall of Fame inductee, Kenneth “Bud” Bolling, (414) 464-5715.  We would also be happy to provide any additional information you desire.   We hope that you look favorably on Ken Huebner’s nomination and admit him to the Wisconsin Dartball Hall of Fame.  


Richard Loppnow January 26, 2021 at 6:18pm

Bud Bolling can vouch for the quality of the tournaments Kenny and his teams won. As competitive as any local league tournaments you'll find. I'll vouch for Kenny's 'Ambassador of the Game' credentials. He started 2 teams from scratch, one of which actually took good shooters away from his current team but provided opportunity for a dozen+ new players to the game of dartball. Kenny participates in any league that needs players. And Kenny never sought authority, just was willing to pitch in whenever he was asked to. Which'll get you a whole lot of jobs where they don't pay you anything!  :-)  Everyone has always liked and respected Kenny.

Jeff Bauer January 27, 2021 at 3:56pm

Ken Huebner is very deserving to be a member of the Wisconsin Dartball Hall of Fame.  I grew up watching Ken and my father play dartball and then was fortunate to join them when I was old enough.  They were good friends as well as opponents and teammates throughout the years.  Ken was an outstanding dartball player who always demonstrated great sportsmanship.  In addion to managing his team Ken took on league leadership responsibilities as well.  For many years three generations of Huebner's played together including Ken's father Howie, Ken and his two sons Wayne and Todd.  Most importantly Ken clearly has always loved the game of dartball and passed that love of the game onto many others including his sons and myself.  

glenn lindemann January 29, 2021 at 9:06am

Ken Heubner is a very go person and good Dartball player. I have known Ken for about 50 years. He is dedicated to the sport of Dartball. He was president of the Northside Luther Mens Dartball League for 20 years and captain of his team for many more years. As president he lead a very well run organization. He batted 3rd or 4th and had a high 400 average, and was very good at the triple. He played in other leagues also when he lived in the Milwaukee area. When he retired and moved up north he ran and organized several leagues. He still is doing this. Ken a great ambasador for Dartball and should be in the Hallof Fame. 

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