Wisconsin Dartball
Hall of Fame

Arnold "Huns" Kaul

Tamara Schaefer



0.578 in 1980
Wauzaukee Lutheran Dartball League

Huns started playing Dartball at the age of 14 for a youth league in 1947. He was an All Star in 1949-1950. He missed 2 years of Dartball while serving (drafted) in the US Army from 1956-1957. Huns has played Dartball for 67 years from 1947-2016, only taking 2 yrs off while in the Army. He served as president of the league for 16 years from 1998 to 2014. He won RBI League title in 2000 with 97 RBIs. His season average was over 500 for 8 years from 1955-1964. Huns helped form a second team and served as captain of that team for the last 27 years. Huns has also won the shoot off board champion award for 5 years and MVP award for his team for 7 years during his Dartball career. About 6 years ago, a knee replacement slowed him down a bit. Huns had to retire from Dartball in 2016 to care for his wife of 60 years who has Alzheimer's. If it was not for this, he would still be playing today. He says it is a great inexpensive sport where you can enjoy the fun of fellowship with others.

Joel January 3, 2021 at 10:10am

 Huns was a good competitor as a player and a great leader during his time as league president. 

 Always had fun playing against him and his team.   

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